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"Lawrence is my daughter's third violin teacher in Bangkok, and by far the best. He is an experienced and patient teacher, who is clearly enthusiastic about music. My daughter started violin at age 6 with the Suzuki method. Her violin playing was intended to be recreational. The longer she played, however, the clearer it became that she needed to learn more technique. Her previous teachers were focused on teaching the music pieces, but had not bothered to teach her much technique or theory. My daughter started to learn with Lawrence about 13 months ago. Within the span of one year she has learned shifting positions, vibrato, and has passed her first violin exam. These were things which her 2 previous teachers from 2 different reputable music schools had not taught. Lawrence works tirelessly to bring out the best of his students and I highly recommend him." -Lydia Lee

“I played violin in Switzerland when I was a child, and at the age of 36, decided to resume violin playing in Bangkok. I rapidly discovered Lawrence to be a very inspiring capable enthusiastic and caring teacher; for whom nothing is too much trouble. Having virtually forgotten everything I had learnt when I was a young - I stopped playing when I was 12 - I was starting, with a virtual clean sheet. After only 9 months of tuition, my progress has been phenomenal. I am already playing student violin concertos. Lawrence has told me that my present level is already ABRSM Grade 4! I am confident, that under Lawrence’s continual unerring guidance, my playing level will far exceed my original expectations.” Lawrence is a fantastic teacher! -Thomas Cuerel